Company culture should be intentional

Our Mission

Culturescape was created to use technology to improve the workplace. We want to make tools that foster great company cultures and bring people together away from their computers and phones.

Our Team

John Gore learned the importance of personal connections at an early age, living in eleven different cities by the age of 20. While John has an engineering background with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Software Engineering, the importance of human factors in success has become his passion. Over a decade in technology consulting and professional facilitation has given John a front row seat to observe the impact a deliberate focus on culture can have. John also experienced this first hand as a partner at Table XI, helping steer the organization through a fivefold increase in size. John’s goal in founding Culturescape is to help companies recognize the importance of company culture and, more importantly, actively develop a positive culture.

Josh Golden founded Table XI, a fifteen-year-old digital consulting firm that brings together top-tier strategists, user experience designers, and software developers to deliver world-class websites and mobile apps that drive business success. Table XI has reaped tremendous benefits from its obsessive focus on its company culture and empowering its people. Josh serves as the Managing Director of Table XI Ventures, under which he invests in and advises a portfolio of startups and Table XI Labs, under which he launches an occasional new venture, including Culturescape, which aims to help other companies leverage Table XI's learnings about the power of company culture. When he's not working, he's an avid alpine skier, world traveler, foodie, and poker player.

Claudia Richman has spent 20 years improving employee experiences through organizational design, leadership training, process optimization‍ and relationship development. She’s worked in multiple industries including sports, finance, advertising and technology. Claudia has worked in or consulted with companies from early stage startups to huge multinational corporations and has learned that no matter the size of the company or the industry, what makes happy employees are forming connections at work. What makes Claudia happy outside of work is traveling the world and trying new restaurants and beers with her husband, and taking long walks with her dogs.