Friday, July 7, 2017

Welcome Onboard!

We believe that the spirit of openness to new ideas and new connections should continue throughout your time with your company.

We believe that ‘nice to meet you’ shouldn’t stop once you know which floor has the best coffee.

We asked ourselves what might happen if those introductions continued after the first few weeks.

What if every month all employees, not just the new ones, met someone in a different department, or at a different level, or in a different role?

What if onboarding was for everyone?

We saw silos crumbling, relationships forming and networks strengthening.

We created Everyone Onboard because we could all use fewer silos, positive relationships and strong networks. Want to experience the benefits of getting everyone onboard in your organization? Contact us.

Claudia Richman

Claudia Richman

Claudia is passionate about organizational design and change management. She focuses on helping growing companies find the right processes, structures and tools to scale while preserving and enhancing their culture.