Friday, August 18, 2017

Post-networking work

You’ve just made a new connection over coffee, or walked out of a networking event with a pocketful of business cards. What next?

1. Quickly make notes about each conversation so you don't forget the details. Create a contact for each person you met and use the notes section to record when and where you met, what you talked about, what connection points you uncovered and how you might be able to help each other.

2. Send a follow-up note.

- Remind them where you met, reference the content of your conversation, and follow up on any promises you made.

- If you said you’d be sure to send them the name of the great book that changed your life, send it! Take action on any promises made in the course of the discussion.

- If there’s someone you can introduce them to that will help them grow their network, make an introduction.

- Don’t be afraid to ask to tap into their network. If you have a specific need that they can help you with, mention it.

- Suggest another meeting if you would like to continue to develop the relationship in an active way.

3. Connect on LinkedIn. Be sure to include a personal note reminding them of who you are and why you should stay connected.

Claudia Richman

Claudia Richman

Claudia is passionate about organizational design and change management. She focuses on helping growing companies find the right processes, structures and tools to scale while preserving and enhancing their culture.