Introducing coworkers during onboarding and beyond

Everyone Onboard makes starting a new job easier by scheduling introductions for the new hire with more seasoned employees during their onboarding period, then continuing these introductions each month, building connections across departments. We also introduce tenured staff to coworkers they haven’t met, building strong networks across your organization because ‘nice to meet you’ shouldn’t stop once you know which floor has the best coffee.

Set up is easy for the admin, and invisible to the employee.

We find open slots on calendars and then send an invitation to go get coffee. All they see is a calendar invitation.

We’ll walk you through the simple process of uploading your employee list


You’ll decide who you want to connect, and how often each employee will meet someone new.

We’ll match employees, and find time on their calendars for them to meet.


Your employees receive a calendar invite.
No site. No app.


Networking at work that works
By facilitating connections across your organization you make it smarter, stronger and more welcoming.